The Kennedy Center and The Reach

2700 F St NW, Washington, DC 20566

The Kennedy Center

8:30am–10:00am ET - Nations Gallery
10:00am–11:45am ET - Terrace Theater


12:00pm–4:00pm ET

Getting There

(see bottom map)


Entry into the Parking Garage located at the Kennedy Center, is through A, B, and C Level entrances off of both 25th Street and F Street. A Level NORTH Entrances are closest to the Hall of States, and A Level SOUTH entrances are closest to the REACH and Hall of Nations Entrances. Please plan to park through the SOUTH entrances for the Adobe Government Forum 2023. Automatic Entry Machines and parking attendants when scheduled, will help with entry on the day of the event. It costs $25.00 upon entry for parking in the Kennedy Center Garage.

Drop Off:

Hall of Nations: Proceed to the front of the Kennedy Center, and make the second Right into the U drive. *Designated by purple arrow*

REACH: Proceed across the front of the Kennedy Center towards the REACH Campus. Drop off curb is located at the REACH Welcome Pavilion. *Designated by red star*


REACH: Enter the Welcome Pavilion entrance. Upon arrival, Kennedy Center [ushers/staff] will help direct guests to your event venue. *Designated by red star*

Center: Enter the Hall of Nations front entrance. Upon arrival, Kennedy Center [ushers/staff] will help direct guests to your event venue. *Designated by purple arrow*

The Venue:

Center: The Nations Gallery and Terrace Theater is located in the Main Center Building at the Kennedy center. To access, guests will enter the Kennedy Center and proceed to the elevator bank located in the Hall of Hall of Nations to access the Roof Terrace Level. *Designated by purple arrow*

REACH: To access the REACH, guests will enter the Welcome Pavilion, walk through the A Level for entry. An Usher will be there to help direct you for entry. *Designated by red star*

For the latest information about parking at the Kennedy Center please visit: For more information about COVID-19 Policy at the Kennedy Center visit: