Compliance and Privacy Policy

Note to U.S. government attendees: The attendance is waived for government attendees at this event, and meals, refreshments and gift will be provided to all attendees, which may constitute a “gift” under regulations applicable to U.S. government employees. You should seek guidance from your designated agency ethics official as to whether your acceptance of free attendance to this event is permitted under your agency’s widely attended gathering (WAG) rule and obtain any determinations required by such rule or other applicable regulations. 5 C.F.R 2635.204(g) and United States Office of Government Ethics memo DO-07-47 dated December 5, 2007. Other exceptions under 5 CFR 2635.204 may also apply. If the responsible DAEO determines that this event does not qualify as a WAG or you are unable to obtain a WAG determination prior to attending, you or your employer can reimburse the organizer of this event for the estimated aggregate fair market value expended for each attendee by providing cash or a check at the event registration table via the “fair share” box provided. The estimated per person expenditure for this event is $90; which is inclusive of breakfast for $30; lunch for $40, and book gift for $20. Receipts will be provided upon request.

Privacy Policy